Policies & Procedures


Shareholder support contact 

Box 1057, Station M,
Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2P 2K4

Board contact 

[email protected]   

Address Update Information

Shareholders are responsible for keeping their contact information up to date and current, especially your email address, as this is the preferred way of communicating.

Note that if you forget your password, you will be able to reset on the login screen. Passwords are case sensitive.

Cleaning Fees

Effective October 1, 2022, when an additional clean is completed during any 2-week period, a $250.Cdn fee will be assessed, per cleaning, to the shareholder.  All non-routine cleanings must be scheduled for Saturdays only. Cleaning requests required are to be indicated on the occupancy permit no later than 21 days prior to arrival.  If either or both criteria are not met, cleaning may not be possible.

Shareholders annual fees include one clean per each 2-week period. If the number of cleans does not exceed the number of time periods being occupied and the cleanings are scheduled for Saturdays, no additional amount will be charged.   Units rented in 1 week or less intervals will require a mid-interval clean on a Saturday and therefore an extra charge.   Mid-interval cleans that have been requested on the submitted occupancy permit are at a cost of $250 Cdn which will be invoiced to the shareholder. You are required to complete and sign the In-Housekeeping Service Waiver and submit to the site office no later than the Wednesday prior to cleaning.  On the scheduled Saturday the occupant must secure all personal belongs and vacate the unit by 9:00 am to accommodate cleaners schedule.

Maintenance Fees


A $200.00 assessment fee will be charged on all amounts received on or after October1st.

Effective May 1, 2019, payment of annual fees must be paid 30 days before the scheduled time at Kapulanikai.  If criteria is not met, occupancy may be forfeited without compensation to the shareholder.

Caloha reserves the right to perform tasks in, or outside the units.

All payments are payable to CALOHA RECREATION COMPANY via E-transfer (Cdn.), Check (mailed to the above address), Wire Transfer (US), or online Biller. Credit cards are NOT accepted.

 “Occupancy Permit” must be completed on the Kapulanikai website once payment has been applied. Any outstanding amounts will result in your inability to complete permit.

The Articles of Association of the Company provide for the Company to withhold occupancy rights in Kapulanikai and proceed with action to seize and resell your share in the event of non-payment of this invoice.

Ownership Changes

If there are any changes that would affect your title (i.e. deceased owner, transfer to a trust, marriage, divorce or any transfer of ownership), please email [email protected] to initiate the process to help you coordinate the changes required.

Reservation Rules & Procedures

Effective January 5, 2019, the shortest, non-shareholder guest duration will be limited to 5 days within the standard “Saturday to Saturday” week

Occupancy permits must be completed on the Kapulanikai website, including names of those staying/using the time, 21 days in advance of arrival at Kapulanikai.  If either or both criteria are not met, occupancy may be forfeited without compensation to the shareholder.  Caloha reserves the right to perform tasks in, or outside of the units.

Check-in/ Checkout Policy- Strictly Enforced

Check In:          5:00 PM          
Check Out:       9:00 AM  

It is imperative that all guests and shareholders respect the time lines set out.  We have a small window of time to clean and prepare for the next guests.

Please fill out the Check In & Registration Form found inside the unit and return it to the office upon arrival. If the office is closed, please place the completed form in the mail box to the left of the office entry door. It provides the Site Managers with important information as to who is on property, driving what vehicle, and who to contact in case of an emergency. Having cell phone contact detail for the share holder or guest would be critical in the event of a property emergency or island emergency.

Smoking Policy

Kapulanikai Vacation Complex is committed to providing its guests and associates with a smoke-free environment. 
   i) Smoking is not permitted on the premises (this includes all indoor areas and shared outdoor areas including the lanai(s), patio and parking lot.
  ii) Non-compliance may result in a $250 fine (first violation), $500 fine (sub-sequent violations). 
Please respect the clean air and good health vacationers are seeking at Kapulanikai during their stay.”