Who We Are

The apartment (Kapulanikai), which was completed in August 1976, is situated on a parcel of land located on the Island of Maui, in the State of Hawaii, U.S.A. The parcel is located in the Kihei district of Maui, on the southwest side of the Island. Access is by means of a private road, Kapu Place, leading from Kihei Road, a major roadway running North South through Kihei. The parcel of land is 104 feet wide and 140 feet deep and is located between the roadway and a State Beach Reserve approximately 300 feet deep, which fronts directly onto the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean. “State Beach Reserve” means that the beach is open to the public at large and not reserved exclusively for the use of the owner of the adjoining property. The building, which is two stories and of frame construction, contains twelve (12) units, six (6) on the ground floor and six (6) units above.

Kapulanikai is owned and operated by the Caloha Recreation Company. Caloha was incorporated under the Companies Act of Alberta in 1975 and was formed solely for the purpose of promoting recreation amongst its share owners.

Each unit is approximately 600 square feet, including an 80 square foot lanai/balcony, and contains one fully furnished bedroom, full bath (bathtub/shower, sink and toilet), with fully furnished kitchen and living and dining room combined. The units are completely furnished, including oven and stove, refrigerator, food disposal unit, dishwasher, and eating and cooking utensils. A large propane BBQ by the pool is available for use by all units. The property has 14 parking stalls on a paved parking lot. Access to each unit is from the rear (roadside) however the ground floor units may also be entered from the lanai through a sliding door. The development includes fresh water swimming pool (16′ x 24′) and a patio, which runs the length of the building.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the company consists of no more than ten (10) members, up to five (5) are elected for a two year term at each annual meeting of share owners, thus ensuring continuity on the Board. The officers of the Company are elected annually at the first Board of Directors meeting following the annual meeting of share owners. A list of the current directors, officers, committee chairpersons, and auditors is available upon request.

On-site Management

Kapulanikai has retained the services of on-site managers that handle our day to day operations on the island.


The apartments are in a self-contained complex and the parking lot and walkways therein are fully illuminated. The public roadway is illuminated at intersections, including the intersection of the private road leading to the complex’s entrance. Within the self-contained apartment complex there are sidewalks around the building. There is also a sidewalk on one side of the public highway leading to the private access road of the apartment complex. Although a good portion of the Kihei coastal area is occasionally subject to flood due to run-off of the slopes at Mt. Haleakala, this has not been a problem. The apartment has been designed so damage in such an occurrence is extremely unlikely, as the buildings have been elevated.

The immediate area surrounding the property is residential in nature, although the adjoining lots are zoned for apartment use. Currently the adjoining lots contain residential dwellings.

Since the construction of the project, the County of Maui has enacted a Special Management Area ordinance, which requires projects to be reviewed for its impact on the environment. While it is not applicable to any building constructed prior to its enactment, all exterior renovations and new construction would come under the jurisdiction of this law.

Shopping Facilities

Large shopping centres are available in Kahului or Wailuku, approximately 12 miles from the apartments. Neighbourhood shopping centres are available in the Kihei area, several within walking distance of Kapulanikai and are open 24 hours daily. Credit cards are accepted at most stores including the grocery stores. There are local street and flea markets on various days in various areas.